what the what

my name is pronounced like “tara lynn.” i am the palest son of a bitch you will ever see in your life. i live in canada and no i do not listen to nickelback. sometimes i’m super sophisticated and other times i’m extremely obnoxious, there really is no in between.

i like to travel and experience new cultures as much as possible but plane tickets are ridiculously expensive so ugh

i specialize in watching an unhealthy amount of tv shows. can i win an emmy for that? 

everyone makes these snazzy lists of their favorite people so

johnny depp, meryl streep, amy poehler, bryan cranston, brad pitt, emma stone, i’m too lazy to finish this list but you get the point 

i spend 99.9% of my time watching these:

snl, 30 rock, parks and rec, raising hope, lie to me, breaking bad, supernatural, the office, prison break, dexter, arrested development, criminal minds, friends, lost

the tina to my amy

and this is my twitter

oh look it’s my face you’re welcome bye