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xo-jolie whispered: For the anon who asked you about Angelina+bisexuality+Jenny; here's a video where she speaks about being bisexual (from 4:25) www(.)dailymotion(.)com/playlist/xvfbf_screamingangie_angelina-jolie-talk-show/2#video=x9gz7c and here's a video www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=31gwqWSTfvo (from 1:27) where she speaks about her love for Jenny. xx

YAY nora saves the day thanks boo :*

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Anonymous whispered: Is there any interviews where angelina talks about being bisexual or Jenny?

I don’t think there’s very much video footage of her talking about it, but there’s a small bit in this video at around 1:10.

There are tons of quotes if you google Angelina’s relationship with Jenny, but they’re all kind of scattered so it’s hard to tell how legitimate they are/what interview they were originally attached to. Sorry it that’s not very helpful! 

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Anonymous whispered: I just wanted to say a quick thank you for everything you've ever done for us. It's hard to find a good blog let along good person who runs it who's as nice as you are. Thank you for finding us the interviews and everything we ask for. I've found such a hard time trying to find some interviews and I know I can always come to you if I can't. It's just great how you want to find things for us and let as ask questions and talk about angelina all together. You're a gem, never change xxxxxx

After a long day in class this seriously made my day and I can’t say thank you enough! It is a huge pleasure to be able to help people out! Thanks so for taking time out of your day to send me this! xx

fuckyeahdamose whispered: Hi, first congratulations on your blog! I've been following you since forever and you are doing a great job! I wanted to ask, if you could give a link to this interview of Angie, where she said "Sorry, they are distracting me, this guy over her. *points at Brad* " I think I've seen a gif set on your blog, but I can't seem to find it or the interview. :)

Aw, thank you so much! I’m so thrilled that you’ve stuck around for so long! 

That clip can be found at the very end of this video. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing that has happened in human history. 

justthoughtishould whispered: You have any gifs from girl interrupted? :)

I think some can be found here

Anonymous whispered: I know this was a decade ago but the tabloids still pit Angelina and Jennifer against each other every week (and come to think of it I don't ever recall them being at the same award show ever, e.g. if Brad and Angie are at the Oscars Jen isn't there; if Jen is there Brad and Angie aren't there except one time I recall was 2009 Jen was in direct view of them presenting). Do you think Angelina "stole" Brad like the media always says? Idk if you have answered questions like this before sorry if so.

Brad, Angelina and Jennifer are some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and I think that since Brad and Angie’s relationship sparked relatively quickly after he separated from Jen, the media latched onto it because they knew that whatever theories they came up with would sell like wildfire. Everyone has their own views of what happened, which is great, but I honestly think that 99% of what was being said was just to make a profit. 

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