Anonymous whispered: Do you know which interview it was when Angelina says the quote about teenagers being heroes? I've been searching everywhere but can't find the interview. Thanks! I love your account by the way!

if youre referring to this gif, the actual footage of that interview can be found here. however, nowhere in that interview did she mention teenagers being heroes. i think the creator of that gif may have just stuck a random quote onto that gif, because there is no legitimate evidence that angie actually said it. sorry if this wasn’t what you were looking for

& thank you very much! xx

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Angelina Jolie photographed by Max Vadukul for Interview Magazine, 1997

Anonymous whispered: Hello! I was wondering what you knew and could tell me about Angie's modelling days when she was still in her teens. I'm doing an assignment and so need as much info as I can get! Thanks!

I was skimming through my copy of this the other day out of complete and utter boredom and it mentioned that her and her mother would make frequent trips to New York from LA to pursue Angie’s modelling career. I believe it said they also travelled to London together once Angie started landing gigs. Finesse Model Management was the group she allegedly signed with after she dropped out of her acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Acting Institute. I personally think she was 16 when she signed with them, but some sources say she was as young as 14. 

I’m probably not very much help, but I wish you luck with your assignment! 

Anonymous whispered: Hi! Are you aware of any video of an audition, or something of the like floating around online I could view?

This isn’t an audition, but there is old footage of her modelling and it can be found here

Anonymous whispered: do you know if angie has a fanmail?

I have no idea. There are so many different addresses all over the internet and it seems almost impossible to know if they’re legitimate or not. I wish you lots of luck if you plan on sending her fanmail, though! 

Anonymous whispered: Angie and Brad will be a couple or romantically attached in By The Sea?! :)

I don’t think any specific details have been released in regards to the plot, but I’m assuming they’ll have some sort of romantic relationship (hopefully)

Anonymous whispered: You think she can be nominated for Maleficent?(like the Oscar, Golden Gloves etc.) I hope so she is more than Amaizing, she is everything, funny , evil, she is all, I miss her acting so much!

I’m certain Maleficent as a whole will be nominated for many awards. However I don’t think Angie will be nominated for any substantial awards such as best actress etc because even though her performance was wonderful, those awards are usually reserved for more “dramatic” performances. I think that she will still get plenty of attention during award season though, which is so exciting because she’s been pretty absent during the past couple of years. It’s pretty hard to deny that she was the perfect Maleficent.